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What our clients say...

“My experience at Salon O was nothing short of Perfect. I felt like I enjoyed a day at the spa even though I came to get a haircut and some gloss to soften some areas that needed it.  I was welcomed with a smile from the receptionist. My hairdresser’s assistant came to greet me and show me around the salon, since it was my first time there.

My hairdresser, Rocco, who is one of the owners, assessed my hair then made some very helpful and reasonable suggestions. I was thrilled with the way my hair looked and felt following a very relaxing day at this salon…Oh, did I mention they make GREAT cappuccinos?”

E.W. – New York, NY

“The best salon! Marisa gives the best blow outs if you have curly crazy hair like me, been going to her for years, her blow outs last a week for sure. Lara is amazing with color she has corrected my personal color mishaps many times. Salon is clean, spacious and very well staffed so you are always assisted.  There is a nail salon in the back, makeup artist, and jewelry all in the salon, and love the yummy Jelly Belly jelly beans in the waiting area.”


Traci – Nyack, NY

“Just moving to the area I was looking for a new salon where I could get a quality color / highlight without paying crazy prices.  I heard great things about Salon O and found out that they have the option to go in and serve as a model for their assistants who are in training.

I figured I would give it a try and am so happy I did.  I had Christina.  She was great and I absolutely loved the way my hair came out!  I would never have even thought she was an assistant.  She was super nice, professional, and seemed really confident in what she was doing.

If you do go in for the class and serve as a model you do have to be prepared for their senior colorists to come over and check everything and give the girls tips but I didn’t mind at all.

I got great compliments on my hair after I left.  It’s definitely the way to go if you want a good quality service at a nice salon but for a cheaper price.  The salon is gorgeous by the way!”

Kelsey – Stamford, CT

“It has been exactly one week since you (Anna) provided me with fabulous summer hair. Despite being really worried about the cost, I have to say that it was well worth every penny. I. LOVE. IT.I may never wash my hair again…just so I can make it last FOREVER!!!!!! I can easily see how it can become addicting. This has brought my styling time down to about a minute and a half (if that!)…something I will TRULY appreciate when the school year starts up again and I need to face grumpy teenagers at 7:50 in the morning. I have a feeling I will be back for more. Thanks for everything. Not just your amazing skill, but your kindness and generosity as well.”

Robyn – Greenwich, CT

“This was the first time I ever enjoyed getting my hair cut, thanks to Omar!”

Carey – Riverside, CT

“Anna did a single process color on me and added high lights, Nicole lightened my eyebrows to match & I am in love!!! The whole experience was worth the hour drive!!”

Cristina T. – Danbury, CT

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience I had at Salon O. Your whole staff was very warm and welcoming from the start.  When it comes to my blonde, I am very particular and never felt that I found the right colorist who really understood what I wanted, or how to make it happen. That was until I met Lara! Her work is flawless and she could not have been nicer. Even my boyfriend commented on how “natural” my blonde looked. Doreen also gave me a great blowout and was delightful as well. I will certainly be back to Salon O!”

Susan – Stamford, CT

“I got stopped twice in Neiman’s today by women (I didn’t know) telling how fabulous my hair was. I said you cut and color was so great even my inept blow dry couldn’t wreck it. I gave one of them you card. Just happen to have it in my wallet.”

Peggy – Hartsdale, NY

“…my experience was wonderful and the cut I received from Omar is terrific. I have had an incredibly easy time with it because each hair seems to magically know where it belongs and stays there all day! In addition, the color Lara has given me is just perfect for my skin tone. I have received numerous compliments on both the cut and color. While my work schedule does not allow me time for weekly visits, I plan on seeing Lara every 4 weeks for color and Omar as cuts are needed. I am very interested in you color service packages so I will speak to the girls at the front desk during my next visit. I also would love to share a story with you that speaks to the charming attitude of your employees. On my first visit I somehow arrived without my wallet. This did not come to my attention until after I had received the most beautiful color and highlights. Luckily, I had a check and used it to pay for my treatments but I had not one dime to leave as a gratuity. The young girl at the desk was lovely and told me not to worry. However, needless to say, I was embarrassed. When I told Lara and her assistant of my dilemma they laughed it off and reduced any foolish feelings I had. I have been to numerous salons over the years, but I honestly can say that Salon O is quite unique.”

Leslie – New Rochelle, NY

“I lost a friend of mine earlier this year to cancer and had decided to grow my hair to donate in his memory. It was fate that I picked up Westchester Magazine and saw the ad that you were having the Pantene event at your salon on September 8th. I called and made an appointment to have my hair cut off to donate. As a mother of two very small children on a tight budget I very rarely do anything for myself so it was a big deal for me to spend the afternoon at a salon! Marisa was my stylist and I enjoyed every minute that I spent with her. She gave me the most amazing hair cut that I have gotten endless compliments on. I wanted to thank you for providing me with the opportunity not only to do something important to me but to also do a little something for myself and get an amazing haircut that I otherwise would never be able to have. Thanks for donating your services to a wonderful cause!”

Amy – Darien, CT

“Thanks so much for your e-mails, and a very special thank you to Omar, who did a fabulous job on my hair. Not only did I love it when I left, but I got rave reviews from my family and co-workers (tough crowds!). Your attention and friendly atmosphere were very much appreciated.”

Rita – Goldens Bridge, NY

“I’ve followed Marisa from different salons because of her amazing blow-dries! It’s great to see her in a place that has an awesome environment and Class-A staff. Every experience I’ve had at Salon O has been top-notch.”

Laura – Purchase, NY

“I’ve been to many salons, but my hair has never been better since I started coming to Salon O. I love the way the stylists do my hair and my hair feels healthy and great. I can see the difference. It’s so relaxing at Salon O – I love it here!”

Jackie – White Plains, NY

“Rocco has given my hair a new life and Lara has given it a new color. Salon O is the place to go to be pampered and to recreate your image.”

Paula – Rye, NY

“I would follow them anywhere! Doreen knows just how to make me feel wonderful with style. Her cuts are as terrific as her personality and warmth. Lisa has been doing my color for over six years. Someone always comments on how perfect my color is. Lisa’s one of a kind! Her perception of color vs. person is artistic!”

Carol – White Plains, NY

“I’ve been a client of Omar’s for about 9 years. I have my hair colored, cut and blown dried twice a week at Salon O. Omar and Rocco are the most professional, caring and talented people. They know how to listen!! The staff is warm and friendly and you feel very comfortable from the minute you walk through the doors not to mention, they make the BEST cappuccino!”

Barbara – New Rochelle, NY

“From the moment you walk in, to when you leave, you are treated like a special client. Everyone is so helpful and pleasant. I just love Doreen and she is simply the best! I will come here forever!!”

Janine – Oakland Gardens, NY

“As my hair began to grow back from chemotherapy, I noticed a woman with the most beautiful hair. She gave me Jackie’s business card. Jackie helped me find the right shade and dimension for my hair. It has been 7 years, now I carry Jackie’s business card because now it’s my turn to get stopped and asked about my hair.”

Ruthie – Bronx, NY

“Rocco this haircut is the best in my whole life!! It is so versatile, I have styled it 10 ways to Sunday and every style looks terrific. I could not be more thrilled. Let’s do it again!”

Rosalind – Sharon, VT

“I would like to thank Lara and Anna and the rest of the staff for their kindness and wonderful professionalism. I was a model and had excellent results with my color. I appreciate the time and effort that was put forth. I would also like to thank Rocco for his impromptu consultation about the direction to take when cutting my hair. The salon is beautiful and relaxing filled with lovely people.”

Christine – Shelton, CT

“I had been going to a different salon for several years and recently had my hair cut short by the previous place and it was completely butchered-I had even gone back to that place to give them an opportunity to fix it and it was a complete disaster. That made my decision of having to find a new salon.  Having driven by Salon O a few times and thinking it looked hip, I walked in, asked for an appointment with someone who was good with short hair and secured an appointment for the next day with Rocco.  He has a great way about him, listened to what about this short hair cut was not working and he totally heard me!  He improved my hair cut in a matter of 30 minutes and I was thrilled.  I went back 2 weeks later and he was consistent….great haircut and great style (had a party that night).   Rocco (one of the owners) gets a huge 5 star rating! Salon O is my new place, thanks to Rocco.”

T.R. – Greenwich, CT

“From the moment I walked into Salon O, I felt welcome. The staff was very friendly and William offered me a tour of their beautiful salon. Omar, the owner and head stylist, was very knowledgeable about his craft and gave me an awesome cut. You could tell that he has very high standards of excellence in both technique and professionalism and he and his staff live up to them. His assistant, Stephanie, was very kind, helpful and competent. I can’t say enough positive things about the staff, salon experience, and the owner. They are in a class by themselves and I will definitely be returning as a regular client.”

Robin V. – Milford, CT

“I have been getting my haircut from Rocco for almost 15 years and have always been extremely satisfied with my experiences.  I have gone through multiple transformations over that time with his advice and expertise as he always is up to date with current styles and techniques.  It seems like almost every time I leave the salon I constantly get stopped and asked where I got my haircut as people compliment the look.

In addition, the salon itself is beautifully decorated, always clean and inviting and they treat everyone like a VIP adding to the true spa experience.  The entire staff (stylists, colorists, assistants, front desk etc.) is always friendly, attentive and happy to help with anything.  I have also tried the spray tanning a few times which is amazing, the girls are great!  Over the years, I have referred many people who are still happy clients today.  If you live anywhere in the tri-state area I suggest you take the time to try Salon O as I will guarantee you will be satisfied.”

B.F. – New Rochelle, NY

“Did you ever just go somewhere for the first time and get that GUT FEELING that that place or person you just met or went to is going to become your favorite person or place? Like for example, a restaurant that you decided to finally try? Well, that same thing happened again! I told you about Salon O- in Greenwich and how I had an incredible first experience? Well, here is the icing on the cake. About 2 years ago my husband started going there for a haircut- to see Rocco- who is one of the owners. Well, I would bitch moan and complain that it was too expensive and why does he need to go to such a she she place- after all, he’s a GUY! Shouldn’t he go to a barber?

 I can’t deny Rocco rocked Mario’s hair every time! Rocco himself is fabulous, friendly warm and super talented! Well, after almost 4 years when I decided I needed to switch things up, I literally searched on line at about 200 salons in Westchester, CT and NYC! Most seemed like “A SCENE”, some seemed cheesy and tacky and some were just over the top expensive… LIKE Hollywood expensive! After getting an incredible wash, I headed over to Omar.

He is so freaking sweet, low key, calm cool and collected. Omar is the other owner of Salon O. SO I told Omar I want to get rid of the ponytail and for him to cut my hair off- He seemed a little shocked but I gotta tell you, I got the best haircut of my life!!!! You can tell he LOVES what he does… EVERY woman in the place whether he did their hair or not, Omar complimented them and they HAD to give him kisses and hugs! He is definitely the man!!!!! Once again, I left that salon with such good vibes, and most importantly, I got what I wanted and I felt SO beautiful when I left…. after all isn’t that how you are supposed to feel after leaving the salon!?!? And so here is my new cut! I may have to go seem him before I leave for Italy, because I think i want to go a little shorter! SO what do you think?!?!? I can’t wait for Saturday night when I get really dressed up for date night with Mario!  I just feel like I look healthier younger and more confident. My hair is so much healthier when it’s short! EVERY woman wants LONG hair, I say….If you are confident with YOU, if you have the face (bone structure) and rock the look, then, what are you waiting for! It’s HAIR!!!!! How fun if you decide you want to try something or someone new, take it from me, This salon will leave your head spinning! Fabulous!!!! I went to Jacki for Color and Omar for styling & cut! Tell them I sent you!”

Tina Marie G. – Harrison, NY

“I highly recommend asking for Christina to color and Steph to cut. Christina did the most beautiful balayage on my never-before-colored hair and Steph new just how to cut it to showcase the new look. If you’re looking for professional service in a friendly environment then this is the place to go!”

Melissa V. – Milford, CT

“I cannot say enough positive things about Salon O and Nicole my colorist. I’ve been coming to Salon O for a few years now and I have gotten so many compliments on my hair it’s unbelievable. It’s not only the compliments you get afterwards that make you feel special but how the staff treats you when you’re in the salon that makes you feel like a star. In such a big salon, for everyone to know your name is really unimaginable. They are professional, friendly and know how to make you relax and enjoy the experience. Let’s not forget Nicole. She is the reason I drive 45min each way every 2weeks to get my hair done. I tell her what I want and if she doesn’t think it will look good on me she tells me. I love that honesty! Plus, somehow, she can read my mind and styles/colors my hair exactly how I had imagined. She is FANTASTIC!!! I walk out of there feeling and looking like a superstar every time! Salon O and Nicole, where have you been all my life!”

Marjan H. – Greenwich, CT

“I love Salon O! Christina is an incredible colorist who knows exactly what she is doing. Doreen is an amazing stylist who gives the best haircuts! I highly recommend Salon O!”

Kelly H. – Greenwich, CT

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