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At the age of seventeen, Omar knew that he wanted to make a difference in the hair industry; that is what inspired him to go to NYC. Even then, he knew that solid training was what he needed to be a success. His first job was on Fifth Avenue, working for Sergio Valente. It was there that he learned that Frederick Fekkai was the leader in the hair industry. It wasn’t long before Omar made his way to the Frederick Fekkai Salon at Bergdorf Goodman.After years of working on many celebrities, and doing many fashion shows such as SEVENTH ON SIXTH, and much editorial work, it was no surprise that he was ready to take on yet another challenge. He was introduced to Jose Eber’ of Beverly Hills and was asked not only to lend his talents as a top stylist, but also to take on the role of Salon Director at his first East Coast salon in Westchester. Nine years and much success later, Omar was ready to take on the ultimate challenge … opening a business of his own.

“I like stylish, but natural looking hair,” Omar says. “Women have such a natural beauty; all I have to do is find out what motivates them and bring it out, not only in their hair, but also in the way they feel about themselves”. With Omar “it is a package deal”, so it’s not unlikely for him to tell you that “you have to soften up your hair color”, or that “your lipstick isn’t working for you”. It all has to look beautiful, soft and sophisticated. He starts his journey with each client by listening to their needs and concerns. “It’s not about me, it’s about my client,” he says, and “while I execute my job, I never lose sight of what their needs and concerns are”. The same applies to Omar’s male clientele. Bringing out the best in someone is what it’s all about, whether you are a man or a woman. Omar gives everyone the chance to look their best all the time. There simply is no reason not to.

Rocco Palermiti grew up in a family of hair designers where he was surrounded by the business, and at just 17 years old he was hired by world-famous Beverly Hill’s hairstylist José Eber, where he trained and started his career. Rocco quickly became known for his signature precision style, lived-in chic looks, and men’s custom cuts done by hand.  After many years, Rocco left his position as senior stylist and at 24 years old opened his own salon.


Salon O is a high-end creative space where everyone is always welcomed and warmed by our team of over 30 experts. Rocco continues to hone his craft and fulfill a love for travel while learning with the best in the industry. Working with Celebrity stylists and fashion photographers in London, Milan, Barcelona, Rome & Paris, have kept his everlasting signature looks fresh and current.  


Behind the chair, you will find everyone from fashionable moms, high-powered executives, and professional athletes all of whom have entrusted Rocco with creating a look that will suit their lifestyle.


Rocco continues to draw inspiration from travel, street style, and culture while translating it into looks that are both easy to maintain and reflective of his clientele.

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